Monday, January 31, 2011

The Inhumane Society

Well, if the anti-death penalty activists, anti-ISA activists, tree-huggers, greenies, animal-lovers and various others are going around setting up innumerable societies; then its certainly time that we; the crass, the cruel, the sadistic, the self-centred, the unthinking, the ignorant, the uncaring and the unfeeling; should set up our own. After all, there are more of us. We will, naturally, call it The Inhumane Society.

Automatic membership for the Verterinary Services Department (for maintaining a puny 6 month jail sentence in their 'new' Animal Act), the police (for contributions too long to be listed), for the AGs Department (for their thoroughly incompetent and failed prosecutions of evildoers, particularly when its a high-profile case), for Malaysian Pathologists in general (for what they don't say about murdered corpses), for Perhilitan (for the miserable job they are doing of protecting our wild animals), for TV3 (for their mind-bogglingly crass, 3rd rate propaganda. Yes, its inhumane) and for the Ipoh City Council (for their wanton murders of beloved companion animals). The list goes on of course, but one grows weary.

Members will be responsible for the carrying out of various inhumane acts (particularly during the discharging of official duties) but also, perhaps, on dull afternoons to while away the time. Other duties will include looking the other way while heinous acts are carried out and helping to cover up the deed after its done (because hes your friend, because you're part of the same organisation, because you'll look bad if your subordinates are caught, because your boss ordered it and various other becauses).

If you're a prosecutor, be sure to charge only one person for a crime committed by twenty and then artfully botch up the job (that way more of our fellow members will be able to continue on their merry way) . Do remember to appear shocked by the verdicts and always promise to appeal.

If a politician, keep the poor poor and the disenfranchised disenfranchised. That way you'll be able to buy their votes cheaply come election time. They'll never vote for you anyway, once they're educated and urban.

Well, that should get you all started. No reports on the details of your inhumanity, please. We don't want the bleeding-heart humane societies to find out.

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